Decode Challenge

Like said in one of the previous posts, the hardest part about this concept is inventing a challenge that is challenging enough for our audience.

The idea of this concept is that we want the audience to actively interact with the tablet and its content so they will learn something about the language as well as the recipe. Once they have decoded the task the translation of the recipe will be revealed, we made a quick render to give you a small impression of how it is going to look like in the exhibit


One way to do this is by letting the audience figure out the what the transliteration is of the different words, once they figured it out, they can enter it and the translation will appear.

transliteration    >  translation shown

One of our first ideas we had is add audio to all of this. We can do this by letting the audience read part of the recipe, once they do this correctly they can hear the  the whole recipe with spatial sounds, so they will get the real Mesopotamian experience.



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