Museum Visit

Yesterday we visited the Wereldmusuem in Rotterdam, together with Jouke. We got a tour through the current exhibition by Alexandra. We were also accompanied by the designers of the “Keukengeheimen” exhibition, and writer Abdelkader Benali.

Abdel told us that while organising the exhibit he wondered what the oldest recipe would be. They soon figured out that these recipes were back from the Mesopotamian time and that Yale University owned these tablets. They then tried to bring the tablets to the Netherlands, but since they are so fragile is was impossible. Ever since they have been in contact with Yale, to bring the tablet to the museum in another way, which resulted in our project.


We also talked to the designers, they explained us what the variety of things that will be shown in the exhibit are, where in the museum they will be and how the different things are connected to each other.

We can’t tell much about this now, since the ideas are still concepts and we weren’t allowed to share them 😉

They also listened to our first ideas, and how we visualised this tablet to be part of the exhibit. Our first idea was to make a 1:1 replica with light and sounds effects, but we weren’t sure if it would fit within a  museum since only person at the time can experience it.

After the designers left, we finished our tour with Alexandra en Abdel, and went home with a much clearer image than when we entered the museum, now it’s time to develop a first concept.

See you soon!

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