Sulmu! – That’s Akkadian for ‘hello’!

Welcome on our blog, where we will guide you on our journey, which starts in Mesopotamia!

But first we will introduce ourselfs:

Our team consists of four students, all with a different background: Jana (Industrial Design Engineering-TUD), Samir (Mechanical Engineering -TUD), Omar (Industrial Design Engineering – TU/E) and Meryam (Architectural Engineering – TUD). We also work together with our teacher Jouke Verlinden, designer Maaike Roozenburg, curator of the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, Alexandra van Dongen and guestcurator Abdelkader Benali.


From left to right: Omar, Samir, Alexandra, Meryam and Jana

In this project, which is part of the Minor Advanced Prototyping at TU Delft, we will be analysing several Mesopotamian clay tablets owned by Yale University by 3D scan. Our goal is to create a prototype that is suited to be in an exhibition in the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam. Extended by interactive technologies like touch, feel, listen and perhaps smell we hope that the visitors experience the secrets of this ancient scriptures on a whole new level.

Stay tuned!